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How can I modify a Motoman MH50-II20 robots base from surface to solid?

By Sanda Alexandru on 17 May 19:18 3 answers 1 comment

I need the robot to be solid so I can make Dmu Kinematics...but on the Motoman site it was like this.


MH50-20II.stp, 18.5 MB

3 answers

  • carl malia
    carl malia over 1 year ago

    hello the model opened in CATIA after a step conversion and two of the parts had a piece of surface missing, one of these holes was easily filled to allow a solid to be created from that resulting Join. the second hole was more difficult to fill as two surfaces needed to create the fill were faceted curves so these surface were recreated to make a smooth curve and then finally the hole can be filled and allow a final solid body to be created with no internal errors.


    MH50-20II.CATPart, 25.5 MB
  • Hugo Alanis
    Hugo Alanis over 1 year ago

    do you have a picture about what you need, try to send us a picture about your issue.

    By the way when I want to open your model, in step, I can't open because it show me an error, could you resend us,


  • Sanda Alexandru
    Sanda Alexandru over 1 year ago

    I put another STP and a screenshot. The part that i selected in the picture is Geometrical Set(made from surfaces) and I opened the rest of the bodies to show you that they are Solid. The question is how can I make the surfaces Solid? Thanks!


    MH50-20II.stp, 18.5 MB

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