How can i move components in solid works?

suppose I have two cylinders - the smaller cylinder having length 10cm and diameter 4cm and the larger cylinder having length 6cm and diameter 7cm and both are concentric. If i want to move the larger cylinder by some distance along the axis how do i do it? (i autocad we use the move command and enter the distance but how to do it in solidworks?)

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In part modeling, you can use "1 degree of freedom under-defined sketches" to easily move bodies relative to each other using "Instant3d".

Answered with a tutorial:

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In an assembly, I'd use the methods described by JSE. But when you insert a part, SolidWorks can add mates automatically so you would need to delete these if they do not suit.

In a part, you need to create a multi-bodied part (do not 'merge results' when creating features). Then you can use the move/copy command to move a body. (Inset menu, features, Move/Copy)

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The easiest thing moving part, (Inset menu, features, Move / Copy)

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yeah ..i'm talking bout assembly... i guess its not possible in case of part design..? but if its possible plz let me know...
pratim :)

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in part modeling use move/copy body tool. in assembly you can constrain them using assembly mates.

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select items, press ctrl on keyboard and while holding drag your mouse.

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