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how can i open a .CATPART as .CATPRODUCT?

By shah on 28 Feb 03:45 2 answers 1 comment

how will i be able to save a part file as a product file so that i ca run further simulations and stickers on my part model?

2 answers

  • Ezhumalai - India
    Ezhumalai - India over 4 years ago

    Practically Software wise not Possible,
    But what i thinck your part file made some addional parts, so you want convert into Product file Right?

    My Answer: Migration only Possible
    First change to V4 and then again change to V5 using Migration Option with Result spec.

    Brief Explain Here, just try
    If this is result of migration from CV4 -> CV5, you have an option that allows to convert several Solids of one V4 model to a CV5 assembly with several parts. If you don't care about modelling history, you could try this:

    - save your part as V4 model (save as - .model)
    - Turn option ' CATPart by Solid' on in Compatibility-migration batch settings (tools-options)
    - Use migration (Utility-MigrateV4toV5) batch to import V4 model to V5 assembly

    => job is done... I tested it and it works, but modelling history is more or less lost. You can use as SPEC or as RESULT options in impot.


  • Jaya Prasanth
    Jaya Prasanth 3 months ago

    You can use the below script to convert CATPart into CATProduct.


    Dim Component As Products
    Dim BodyName
    Dim OpenComponentName
    Dim Pdoc1 As Document
    Dim Body as Object
    Dim SourceWindow As Window
    Dim LastBody
    Dim UserSel As Selection

    Sub CATMAIN()
    Dim ActiveDocument As Document

    Dim Pstring As Long
    PartName = CATIA.ActiveDocument.Name

    Dim Docs As Documents
    Set Docs = CATIA.Documents

    Dim prods1 As Document
    Set prods1 = Docs.Add("Product")

    Dim ProductNew As Product
    Set ProductNew = prods1.Product

    Pstring = InStr(1, PartName, ".CATPart")
    ProductNew.PartNumber = Mid (PartName,1,Pstring -1)

    Set SourceWindow = CATIA.Windows.Item(1)

    Set ActiveDocument = CATIA.ActiveDocument
    Set prods2 = ActiveDocument.Part.Bodies

    Dim Bodycount
    Bodycount = prods2.count

    for i =1 to Bodycount

    Set Body = prods2.Item(i)
    BodyName = Body.Name

    ActiveDocument.Selection.Add Body

    Dim PartNew As Product
    Set PartNew = ProductNew.Products.AddNewcomponent ("Part", BodyName)


    PartSearch (ProductNew.Parent)

    ProductNew.Parent.Selection.Add ProductNew.products.Item(PartNew).ReferenceProduct.Parent.Part


    End Sub

    Sub PartSearch(Opar1)
    Dim E As CATBSTR
    Dim Was (0)
    Was (0) = "Part"

    Set UserSel = Opar1.Selection


    End Sub

    Sub WindowsAlignment()

    Dim Windows1 As Windows
    Set Windows1 = CATIA.Windows

    Windows1.Arrange catArrangeTiledVertical

    End Sub

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