How can I open a .STP file in 3dsmax 9

3dsmax 9 does not have a .stp file importer and I haven't been able to find one. The .stp files show up on my computer as something 3dsmax can open but I cannot access them in 3dsmax.

3dsmax 9 does have a IGES importer so is there a way to change a .stp file into a IGES file so my 3dsmax could import it?

Its an outdated version of 3dsmax so I don't know if its possible.

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1 Answer

stp to iges should be pretty straight forward for many CAD programs to convert. If you post the model here I'm sure it would be converted pretty quick.
OBJ might be another format you could import too.

I think there are some free online conversions sites where you can upload a model then download it different formats.
I believe GrabCAD's Print software may have some conversion abilities as well. I've seen people mention it a few times for similar questions.

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