How can I paint color in the part drawing. They the same color Barrier (in solidwork)

The color in barrier: yellow and black. black and yellow.yellow and black. black and yellow

5 Answers

A picture might really help us to visualize what you are trying to do.
But here are two guesses:
1. Apply a feature to your part like a very shallow cut or extrusion, just .001" or so. these features can be colored like any other feature, so you can get the desired color.
2. Instead of a cut or boss, you can use the split command in the Curve menu. It will divide a model face into separate regions/faces/ Each face can be colored a different color.

Split could most likely be the correct way to do it, but I find features easier and better to apply colors to.

you can create a new skin in the colors library.

This is the color I want to do. Can people help me more clearly?

I did this by using the Curve - Split command. It separates a face into multiple faces. You can then assign a color per face, or to the features.

Step one. You will need to make a .jpg or .png that is the same dimensions as the face you wish to apply the colour to.
Step two. There is on the right hand side of solidworks a paintwheel icon. Click this and select DECALS the LOGO.
Step three. Click and drag the decal logo option onto the face you wish to colour.
Step four. Click browse image and select the .jpg or .png you created. This then replaces the word 'decal' on the face you coloured.
Step five. Resize the image until it covers the entire face you wanted perfectly.

There you go. This should work in all versions of solidworks.