How can I place my wordpad drawing on sketchup?

I have a drawing in wordpad and I can't put it in sketchup,tried the ''import but won't work :( any way that I can do it? would taking my drawing through another app can be done?

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Any import you do must be in the format SU can process which I think you have already looked at.
The word pad drawing is likley not very complex and it maybe time efficient for you to make a screen shot of it ( jpeg) and then import that to SU. You will then have to trace over that to create a skp model / drawing. Make sure you have some known sixze ref in your drawing because it swill have to be scaled for size in SU. You could also import to a photo editing program and then to SU if it needs some touch up.
Have you checked the app you used to import to word pad to see if it has export options the SU can import?

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