How can I print out dimensional drawings?

I saw the Aardvark vs. Ant project and some others that i would like to make on a scroll saw and table saw. How can I print out drawings that I can use to make them? What software do I need to open the different files and print them out? Thanks for any and all help in advance!

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Can you post a link to the Ant and Aardvark project? I cannot find it but would help to understand the question greatly. If it is a sheetmetal component you may be able to download the files and grab the flat patterns. If they are only 3d models you may need to download them and create drawings before cutting any wood.

I will edit the reply to fit your needs once I find out what it is you are trying to download.
(different programs are required and many are dependent on the files you are looking at download/open.)

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Models are here:
Aardvark vs Ant Wooden Toy

Do you have a CAD program to open the files in? Trinity uploaded a number of file formats for the project.

You may not be able to print dimensions on the drawings if you are working with imported, or dumb solids, but dimensions really are not needed. Simply printing the objects at a 1:1 scale will allow for easy tracing and cutting.

A 3D PDF file is also in the folder. It would not be the idea solution, but it might be possible to save/print views from it.

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