How can I reverse direction for tool containment in MasterCAM?

I want the tool to cut outside the containment boundary in rough pocketing process. Every time I try to perform it, it cuts inside the region. Is there anything I'm missing?

Check the attached file.

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3 Answers

try this, in surface parameter tab in tool containment instead of center, select outside compensate and put your require dimention
check my attached file

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Go to Parameters.
Select your tool.
Choose computer in that other box.
Choose left or right. That is the reference to the
Cutter compensation.... Left or right if the line.
Make sure you check the little blue cross then select
The green check mark.
This happens a lot. Sometimes on multiple parts in the
Same stock set up, you may also have to select a new starting point.
Good luck!
Master of the Telecaster Build!

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