How can i see the drawing features of an imported file on design tree (Solidworks 2012)?

I'm a new user on Solidworks and I joined this site. But the the parts in the files which I downloaded from tihs site are imported so I'm not able to see the how to draw a part on design tree. How can fix this problem?

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You can only add a feature to the STEP/IGES files (in case Assembly is converted into part too.)

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unfortunately, it's not possible to view features when the model is saved in step, igs, stl ...
when you open files in solidworks that have above formats, you have a feature recognizing wizard that in most case won't give you a good results
try downloading models that have solidworks format.

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You can try to import features in SW 2012,while importing STL,STEP or IGES files,but not always is possible to do it.

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