how can i Simulate 90 Degree Power Transmission In Ansys Workbench ..??

i Applied A Load Of 100 N At Output And I want to Know How Much Torque i need to Apply At input To Raise this Load..??

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Before looking into any simulation the first step is to look at the data you have. You state that you apply a load of 100N which is a force. You are looking for an input torque. Going back to basics a torque, is defined as a twisting moment, that is a force acting at a radius which is causing the input shaft to rotate. Torque = Force x Radius. So before you attempting to simulate this problem you need to get your head around exactly what you wish to solve
T_input = T_output -> (F_in x R_in) = (100N x R_out)

As Torque is not just a force but a acting at a radius attempting to rotate around a center the same value of Torque can be produced by different combinations of Force and Radius. 100N acting at Radius of 1 M is the same as 200N acting at 0.5 M.

In the real world going to the bother of running a simulation on such a simple machine would be a waste of time as working out input / output, stresses in shafts and gears to enable a machine to be designed and built is not difficult. The value in simulating this machine, is that the results of your simulation can be easily checked so that you can see if your simulation is good as part of the learning process, so that when you run more complex problems you can be more confident in the results.

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