How can i thicken this model?

I had made this model only with surfaces. Since I'm learning surface modeling this worked out perfectly. But when I tried to thicken this some error occurred and it didn't thickened. Can anybody provide any solution?
CRT Monitor

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Are you getting errors for "intersecting geometry"?

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Hi Sudhir
I just stumbled upon this question and succeeded in shelling/thickening the model. I don't know if the question is still relevant, but here is what I did:
1) I removed all holes from the top face
2) I hid the stand and the front buttons
3) I made a solid model of the monitor alone using the knit feature
4) I shelled the monitor using the shell feature
5) Made one front button from surfaces by adding a back surface
6) Used knit to make it solid
7) Duplicated it 6 times as linear pattern
8) Closed the stand with a planer surface. This item won't work with the shell-feature, so
9) I built the interior using offset surfaces
10) knitted them to a solid object and
11) subtracted this from the original using Combine-subtract
12) Cut the holes through the top face
I have uploaded my revised model to your model for you to look at.
Hope this was helpful

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