How can i unlock current design view?

I wont to save file in Autodesk Inventor 2013, but they give me message
The current Design View Representation is locked. Changes against it well be not saved.If you want to keep those changes please create a new Design View Representation or unlock current one.

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3 Answers

Hi there obviously the only thing you need to do is a new
"Design View Representation"after that you can save your model and in case you don't need that design view you can delete it.
You can visit autodesk wiki for more information regarding "Design View Representation" as not something difficult to understand.
Please let me know if that was helpful to you.

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Arun i fix this problem its easy, on the model bar, representation need right click mouse and unlock master.

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save your work n then go in for design view representation.........thus u can unlock current design........................

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