how can i When using the mouse's wheel, zooming in and out how i can customize.

i want to slow down mouse wheel fast

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This al depends on the type of mouse you are using, but normally the customizing is done in the properties of the mouse ( configuration)

Even beter....throw the mouse away for 3d work and purchase a special one such as the 3DConnexion sooooo much better...

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The only place to make those changes in Solidworks is in the options menus, but the one for mouse gestures has no wheel items. You can however slow your mouse functions by adjusting sliders in the operating system. In the meantime you can use the keyboard f key to zoom out to full view and the little magnifying glass with the square attached to zoom directly to certain spots. I recently had to use these quite a lot to keep from being frustrated when my mouse refused to zoom in, thankfully the problem cleared up on its own.

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