How can i winding a rope/cable in Solidworks ? , how i do this ? what i need to make this animation. Please Help! Thanks!

4 Answers

If someone asks such a question they should at the very least do a little investigation to find out what it is their talking about, instead of expecting someone else to do their legwork for them. The following link was found rather quickly in a search for "wire rope and cable" and Wickapedia's site:

This link goes into a lot of detail on how rope/cable is constructed. Now, if someone really wants to try to model something like that, I wish them well. To me it looks as though they would reach a point of diminishing returns rather quickly.

You can only make animation not motion analysis or basic motion. For this animation you will need to use equation driven parts. I am not quite sure about it.

It is accomplished using multiple equal pitch helixes equally spaced about a circle. The result will be intertwined helixes. A rope fiber strand, smaller circle, is then swept along each of the helix paths. While all this is quite possible to do, the resulting file size is going to be very large because of the number of mathematical points SolidWorks must work with. This is why true threads are seldom shown on SolidWorks component parts; they are not that difficult to construct, but the file size goes out of sight. This is another one of those things that even though it's possible doesn't mean it's practical. There is a lot of that sort of thing in SolidWorks.

download and try it. I hope can help you. thaks