How can one save a motion study final key frame as 3D geometry?

I'm in a position where I need to render out [preferably in Keyshot] a scene that is composed of many repeated small components in a containter [imagine a bowl filled with ball bearings].
Rather than placing each part manually, I was hoping I could just repeat all the small parts above the container, and 'drop' them in using motion study and gravity. This works nicely - the animation looks great! However, what I'm really only interested in is being able to save the final position of all the parts as 3D geometry [step/iges/paralolid etc.] that I can then bring through into Keyshot. If you go with the standard 'Save as' route, it just saves the scene as it looks in the model tab, not the motion study one.
Does anyone know a way I can work around this?
Thanks in advance.

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