How can we apply different colors on the faces of same model in solidworks and keyshot(rendering software)?

I wanna apply different colors in different faces of the same part model using Solidworks. I also wanna apply the same in can>?

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In SW, right click on the face or faces you want to apply a specific color, then click the appearance button (the blue-red-green-yellow sphere) there is a drop down menu, you can specifiy if you yant to change the face, the feature, the body or the part color. Click face, change the color there you go.

I never used keyshot so i can't help you with this software

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Here's the thing, that method, though it works, kind of defeats the idea of having access to your variations on the fly. Meaning that you will have to switch it every single time you want to go back to a previous color.

The better method would be to use configurations. You can link the display to each configuration and then switch between each at anytime. You can out them all into an assembly at the same time and show all or mixed combinations as needed.

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