How can we change the words in views names, sections and details?

I want to generate some specific words for my view names in drawing files. Catia automatically writing view, section and detail names and i want to change them. Do anybody know how can i do this?

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Merhaba Özgür,

C:\Program Files\Dassault Systemes\Bxx\win_b64\resources\msgcatalog yolunda bulunan CATView.CATNls dosyasının içerini değiştirerek istediğini yapabilirsin.

iyi çalışmalar.

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Thnx for Necmi. Solution is modifying "CATView.CATNls" file in C:\Program Files\Dassault Systemes\Bxx\win_b64\resources\msgcatalog

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Hi Friend,

Its simple.I Hope my answer is related to your question.

1.Right click on the view.

2.Go to properties

3.There are two tabs called as 'view' and 'Graphics'.

4.Select the View tab(defult its 'View' only).

5.You can See there 'View Name'. Under the View name 'Prefix' tab is there.

6.In that 'prefix' you can type whatever name you want.

If my answer is not related to your question or Not able to understand .Please let me know i will try to post with pictures.


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thnx vinoth. i can do that but i dont want this. in your answer you have to change them one by one. i want something automatically change. like admin properties. in drawing if i change font size as 2.5mm my all dimensions automatically created with 2.5mm. i want same this like this.

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