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How can we get the approximate length of a bended pipe?

By RAYMOND CONGRESO on 22 May 09:48 5 answers 1028 views 0 comments

What are the possible features in SW to flattened this pipe in order to get the approximate length for the Bill of Materials?



5 answers

  • hoho(Jaja) hehe
    hoho(Jaja) hehe over 2 years ago

    you can use the path length dimension tools to get the exact length of the pipe, it is found in the smart dimension tool just click the drop down menu the select the path length dimension

    RAYMOND CONGRESO over 2 years ago

    thanks gives me more idea to get the exact length without flattening the pipe...if you don't mind guys...
    i just want to add some questions just to prove this topic.
    Is it possible to make this curve form pipe into a straight one?
    Please guys...if you have an idea, kindly send me what features or techniques you may share to prove this..thanks very much..

  • hoho(Jaja) hehe
    hoho(Jaja) hehe over 2 years ago

    Will i don't think so if solidworks can do that but if there is a way then please share it.

  • Richard
    Richard over 2 years ago

    In 2D. To find the length of a curved surface (s) you require the radius (r) and the included angle (in radians), as in: s = r.theta
    Of course solidworks can add them all up for you easily (sometimes making a drawing and dimensioning from there is easier) but the basic relation above is easy to derive and works when you don't have a solidworks handy!

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