How can we improve collaboration between engineers on file view?

We are very interested on your feedback about new stuff what we are thinking of building and this time it's collaboration with engineers.

Idea - in current file view, only author can add a new file. We added functionality to add renderings and this have taken of pretty well. Now we are thinking that everyone could add additional files (new revisions, versions, addional details etc) to a file.

Please find attached sketch how it should look like.

We love to get your feedback:

would that be something you would use? what kind of functionality you would need? for what kind of products you would use it for?

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It’s an interesting idea Hardi. I think great things can come up from this. However, I believe some considerations have to be made. Here are my thoughts:

It’s very important that you allow the Author to decide if he wants people to modify/add/improve/tamper his design. There should be an option that says “Allow other engineers to add features to your model” or something like that. There is a risk that if “everybody” can play with a design, things can get out of hand and the main purpose or concept may get lost.

Other thing is that I think many people use their Grabcad’s profile to demonstrate their capabilities as a designer/drafter and to expose their work to future clients/employers. If the original design gets modified by others, clients would have to “search” for the original and it wouldn’t be so easy to directly observe the real author’s work.

I particularly will love to make use of this feature, but not with all my designs. I hope you take this into consideration.

P.S.: I really appreciate that you and the GrabCad team ask for our opinion about the site’s features. It’s good to be included on the development!

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Yep, another here agreeing with CAD-MECA. I think individuals profiles should be just that! However another independent section where your work could be taken and then improved/ modified/ wrecked etc by others could be interesting.I believe an individuals portfolio should showcase their talents, not subject their name to unwanted representation. Cheers.

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Looks like CAD-MECA has pinned it down!

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This seems like something that GitHub ( has already solved, but for software collaboration. From what I understand, they have various classes of projects, so that it can be public, private, or only open to a group of people. I wouldn't mind seeing a similar functionality replicated for us non-software engineers. :)

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I would be very interested in having a feature like this, it would be great for working on projects and collaborating, but as CAD-MECA said, there should be an option to either let anyone add files, certain individuals, deny that completely or be asked for approval when someone uploads a file ...
Thank you for including us in the development of the site ...

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I agree with my colleague
maybe should be the file transfer option
for inspection by the owner of the project (even the server GRABCAD) and he would
make available as another version, of course, with information about the owner of amendments

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We have added revisions and formats in last month to support this functionality. Any more ideas what can we build to support collaboration between engineers publicly?

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