How can we improve the GrabCAD Community?

Hey everyone! My name is Olivia Huie, the Community Manager here at GrabCAD. With 2017 wrapping up and 2018 only a few weeks away, we wanted to reach out and get some feedback on how we can improve the GrabCAD Community in 2018.

Answer the questions below and help us help you!

GrabCAD Library:
Please leave any feedback you have regarding areas you would like to see improved in the Community. What features do you use? What features do you not use? What are some areas you would like to see work more efficiently?

GrabCAD Tutorials:
Do you use the Tutorials section? If you answer “no,” please let us know why? What improvements can we make?

GrabCAD Questions:
How do you like the new Questions page? Do you find it easy to find a question or answer you are looking for?

What do you use the GrabCAD Community for? What features or updates could we create to make you more engaged in the Community?

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GrabCAD Library: Better grouping, sorting by categories -related projects. I liked the older style page where you could find on the bottom left lots of related
content to the object you are searching for.
GrabCAD Tutorials: use them, what if you add a 3D printed section with more practical section?
GrabCAD Questions: baby steps, it's just an infant :)
Feedback: Involve more producers to load 3D data for common parts they sell - like a TraceParts section with categories

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Is the sort by Popular option in the question section new? I've never seen it before tonight. I can't figure out how it sorts though, see the attached screenshot.

Olivia's question is right on top, and that is cool, but how does the sorting work?
It is not by Views, Answers, Followers, Post Date, or most recent activity date

Once a question falls off the first page, I suspect it is not viewed much anymore unless someone has already posted to it, or is making use of the new Follow option. The new(?) Popular sort option is handy.

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I have been on GrabCAD since 2012, and have seen the site transform to a much better community. It looks like the "challenges" category has lost some steam. Recently most challenges are by the site owners. What happened to GE, or new start-up companies which used to drive the site?
Perhaps the word "Grab" is detrimental to the marketing team's efforts - sounds cheap.
I agree with FredSWUG : down-voting would clear the clutter. Also we should require much more specific naming and categorizing of uploads. This would make our searches less time consuming.
I also suggest deleting stolen or borrowed files - usually from other sites and are not generated by the uploader. Red flags are up when someone uploads several complex models within a few days - usually in STL format only! Perhaps downloaded and reuploaded from a gaming site?

Good Luck!

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I sent you an email with the file, but I wanted to post a short summary here as well. I'd like to read ideas that other people have, so maybe they'll want to see mine?

* A method to downvote models. The clickbait and other "bad" models could be downvoted and hopefully eliminate any benefit people see in uploading them. Downvoted models would get "pushed down" so they are not seen.

* Points given when a model is downloaded, not just when it is liked.

* Incentives to write and produce top quality content.
* Method to advertise tutorials so they are seen more often
* Better sorting of tutorials. Maybe something along the lines of the tags which steam allows users to assign to games.

* Replies often result in "Something went wrong" error.
* upvote/downvote percolation does not seem to be working correctly.
* A up/downvote option for "bad questions". Bad questions can fade away, or be ignored. Good questions rise to the top.
* a method to sort questions based on activity

* More challenges. Even small challenges.
* A new/different "homepage" for the site which shows more of the new content. Popular questions, blog posts, great, new tutorials...etc.
* Clarity on what followers do.
* Method to attach files in the message system
* Some new badges to strive for
* Better text editing options (bold, underline, bullets...)

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