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How can you model a flexible feature in Catia? (Living Hinge)

By joe blumka on 22 May 14:28 4 answers 3 comments


In SolidWorks, there is a feature "Flex" that allows you to model a part and then "bend" it. I've used this to model a "living hinge". How can I accomplish this same modeling feature in Catia V5 R22? I would like to be able to show the part in a "unbent" shape as it would be received and a "bent" part as it would appear in the assembly. I have an attached an example that I did in SolidWorks 2015.

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4 answers

  • Jack Knapp
    Jack Knapp 5 months ago

    As far as I know, CATIA V5 does not have a similar capability.

  • Cardel Quaiatto
    Cardel Quaiatto 5 months ago

    Oh Boy! Solidworks must be the best software ever?!?!?!

  • keith
    keith 5 months ago

    The way I approach this is to create 2 models and create separate views in the drawing, In sheet metal you can unfold a part and reference it in the drawing, and also with surfaces, but as Catia does not use configurations as Solidworks uses, then apart from sheet metal parts I would create 2 models as described above.

  • Jack Knapp
    Jack Knapp 5 months ago

    Keith: how do you account for the material deformation in the hinge section, and how distance between both ends?

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