How come Nvidia Quadro cards much better than regular high end video cards.

It appears that even the entry level quadro cards are out performing my high end ATI videocard.
Do quadro cards affect system speed that much?

2 Answers

Because you pay more money

I use at work at the NVIDIA FX 580 Quadro 512MB and at home computer - nVdia GTX560 1GB. Quadro good for work with SolidWORS - You can use RealView Graphics. This is very This is a very convenient and look very nice (see difference the difference between typical solidworks view and view with RealView Graphics). But my home computer with regulars high end video card is much faster in rendering. I think Quadro no faster than regular card, but give you more comfortable work wit solidworks - better for selection, shadow refraction textures ect... but costs about three times more than regular high end video cards.