How creat rib?


I need help with creat ribs. I creat rib but not exacly like real object. Someone can help me with this issue?

Sorry for my english. Im not form UK or USA.

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I don't know Inventor, but it looks like you are just missing draft or taper. Can you search the help file for "Draft"?
I've attached two sample images of draft and no draft from a similar tool in SolidWorks

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Can you show me how you creat the sketch?

I creat sketch inventor but inventor cant creat rib ;/

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I've never used Inventor, but that is exactly how I'd draw the sketch in SolidWorks.I assume the green line is what you sketched, and the yellow lines just show where the model intersects with your sketch plane.

Check out this video:

I think the only thing that could go wrong is the option that makes the sketch normal to, or parallel to the sketch plane. They show it at about 1:20 in the video.

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