how create wind turbine blade in catia

what are step need to consider

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it can be used by using part design and wire frame design in catia.step by step
step1-draw external profile in part design
step2-revolve it
step3-draw the required profile on surface i.e on the plane.
step4-select any perpendicular plane and draw external profile of blade.
now enter in wirframe and surface design
use sweep command to extrude i.e sweep-along pulling direction. select law
select liniear and give required angle
and extrude in given direction.
tis is required blades.
soon i will upload a video tutorial about this

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Hi I have just uploaded a VAWT produces 1kW electricity using a NACA section twisted as shown. Made in composites with aluminium frame. Wind tunnel tests showed that it is slicing the wind and not being rotated. Modifications are on the way. There are only certain NACA sections suitable for wind turbines, so you have to do you home work. I have NACA software and luckily the profile required was there so I had a basis to start with.

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There are tons tutorial videos available on youtube and niche sites offering tutorials on <a href="">catia</a> and solidworks. You could following one of those video to know how to create wind turbine model in one of these softwares.

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