How do i add thickness to a polyline in Rhinoceros 3D

Im trying to design a bent wire for a wire frame and some of the inside diameter of the bends need to be the same diameter as the wire so that i can essentially snap it into itself.

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4 Answers

hi Mark Goody,
following picture can guide you to add thickness to any curves
by adding few simple steps while modelling.

Answered with a tutorial:

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Thank you so much for this in depth response Patel Deepak, Im using a mac so its a little different. I think I was actually looking for the "pipe" tool. I was confused thinking that a pipe couldn't be a solid with a cap.

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Most wel come Mark Goody,
yes Mac hav. A differnt interface and so as the icons and the commands . But by now you must have become pro. and very familiar with the look and feel of Rhino on machquies . Keep posting your master pieces . :)

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