How do I analyse a catia surface design in ansys?

i have designed an aircraft surface in catia v5.But I cannot do the meshing due to boolean error.I
want the design as a single part so that i can use the boolean operation in ansys workbench.What do i do?

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Hi Sanath
Try to make use of Join command in operation tool bar.You may have to make use of Trim command or split command to resize surfaces before you join them together.You are facing boolean error as surfaces are not joined together. Join, Trim and Split command will help you to join surface together.
Please let me know if it helps.

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Hi Sanath,

I think you need to simply the model, I would not simply take a model from CATIA and then import for Analysis, I would remove unnecessary features such as small faces (slither surfaces), small fillets, etc etc. These things are negligible if they are not the key focus of the analysis. Additionally in my experience it is import to ensure all surface normal's are in the same direction as this can cause issues in some Analysis softwares, especially Nastran.

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