How do I assemble many rotaionional parts?

I am making a steering mechanism for my car in inventor 2023. But it does not work and I do not know how im going to fix it.
I can't get the parts to rotate togheter. I want the rack and pinion gear to be connected to the axel of the car and the steering wheel to rotate making the rack and pinion gear rotate.

1 Answer

You have many round parts with no key features to constrain together to keep them rotating together. Much like real world parts, they need splines, keys, square shafts etc. to lock them together. The alternative, for modeling purposes, is to place constraints on the part workplanes to lock them rotationally together.

At the same time there is no structure to hold these parts in position. They are all just floating free in space. Even if you constrain these parts together correctly, when you move the steering wheel there's nothing that makes that movement translate only to a rotational movement through the steering shaft, universal joints, rack gear, and finally to a linear movement that rotates the steering of the wheels. Imagine all these parts connected together in the real world and you pick the whole assembly up by the steering wheel. It would just be one loose mess hanging in the air like a set of wind chimes. You need to create some kind of structure that constrains these parts in their correct positions just like it would be done on the real vehicle.