How do I attach a cabinet door to a hinge and make it work in Solidworks?

I'm new to Soldiworks. I've created a cabinet, a door and a hinge but I need guidance on how to attach the door to the cabinet so that the hinge operates and the door will open.
I'm aware of many of the functions but don't have an in depth knowledge of the system.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks you, Llion

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Hi Llion, making the assumption that the hinge is two brackets with a pin through the middle (allowing it to pivot), then you can do the following:
Attach (mate) one bracket to the cabinet body, constraining it into position (so it is fixed).
Next add the pin and fix this in position (assuming concentric mate for the axis of rotation, with another constraint to keep it in position along said axis).
Now add the second bracket... (without seeing your model, I cannot be 100% specific, but this should give you a good idea how it works)
Add a concentric constraint for the bracket and the pin - this will allow the bracket to spin without any restriction around the pin.
Next, add a constraint to position the bracket appropriately along the axis (for example; align the top of each bracket).
--- The important constraint---
Finally in the 'Advanced Mates' section (drop down under the 'Standard Mates'), you have an option "Angle"... select one face of the first bracket, then the appropriate face of the other bracket (you could choose to do this with the cabinet body and cabinet door... and would not need to do it on all hinges, only one). The options allow a "Minimum Angle" and a "Maximum Angle"... these turn the angle constraint into a "Limit Angle".
Altering these angles / changing the selected faces will allow you to control the constraint and move the cabinet door (once attached to the hinge) within a set angle... closed may be a min angle of 0 and open may be a max angle of 90.

If that didn't make sense, please let me know & I can try to explain better :)

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