How do I bend a clip inside a cylinder tube? sheet metal solidworks

How do I bend this?
to something like that

I used sweep in model, but how do I do it in sheet metal?

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Solidworks 'sheet metal' models have some inherent limitations, one of them is compound bend geometry such as the clip you wish to bend out of the cylinder. You can try a 'swept flange' feature but it won't look like your first model, it will be conical and probably not merged with the rest of the part. Anyway that's what it's been doing when I attempt to create a similar part.

If it's acceptable in your situation, one way to fake it is to make the main cylinder with flat zones wherever the bent clips will be, and you'll be able to use the bend feature for the clips and get a flat-pattern capable sheet-metal part.

The included image shows the swept flange (which becomes a separate body for me) and the flat-zone technique.

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you could try a "forming tool" feature instead of a bend.

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Lorsqu'une surface ne se déplie pas avec le module de tôlerie, j'utilise la fonction "surface mise à plat", disponible à partir de 2015.

When a surface does not unfold with the sheet metal module, I use the function "surface flattened", available from 2015. You have to select a knitted surface.

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