How do I convert a surface to solid?

I'm doing my master thesis and I need some help to convert a surface to a solid object. I need it to be a solid object cause of the 3D printer I'm going to use. I tryed several of methods that I found on the internett, but I'm not able to make it work. Can anybody help me?

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Conversion is a pretty sensitive area in general, but try with the software called Mesh To Solid 3.0
I think it may take a while to convert it depending on your mesh file, but it's worth trying.


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First Do Make the surfaces U want in Surface tab ( in Tradional orderd or ST enviroment) .. Then go to HOME tab then in :"Solids" Module U fine one option called "ADD " Below the Thinwall Command ....just use Dropdown manu of " ADD " command n you fine an Option called " THICKEN "
to get solids, n Follow the Instructions n U Done
One PDF also Attached this shows all surface operations in SolidEdge

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