How do I convert this solid body to sheetmaetal?

I made this in a solid body part, but I need it to convert to sheetmetal so it can be flat patterned before it goes out to be lasercut. If it doesn't flatten it will not get the correct dimensions when cut.
Can it even be done? I need help asap.

I use SolidWorks 2012.


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Here's a starting point. You may need to change the number of bend lines in the lofted bends, but other than that it seemed to come out alright.

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First you should make SOLID body from your surface object.
Than use command CONVERT TO SHEET METAL and last step is to use command UNFOLD.

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I realized that it wasn't a solid body and changed it so it is now a solid body. But it still will not convert correctly. I'm attaching the complete part with all 3 pieces that I need to flatten out.

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I have tried, but I was also unsuccessful :(

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