How do I create a background in AutoCAD, to exhibit my 3D renders?

Hi All, could someone help me with the above query? After I have created a 3D model I wish to set it against a background that would show a shadow / different lighting effects, but I dont know how to do this.

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Personally I always work in model space and as a background just draw a kind of a "L" shape wall & floor with a good radius in between like the photo studio are normally using. As per the position of the object in front it gives you plenty
of flexibility to experiment


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What kind of elements are you rendering ?
what kind of background are you looking for ?


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Hi Denis, I think I have cracked it. But I was just wanting to experiment setting my two models I have done against complimentary backgrounds. Stuff like backgrounds with a gradient and angled lighting to show off curves and different rendering effects. I worked out how to change the background and I've sorted the lighting (ish), but I need to know some tips. Also do I set backgrounds and lighting individually in model space and paper space (I'm using Autocad 2013 3D).


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Excellent, that's what I wondered, whether you also create a surface. Thanks very much Denis.

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I would prefer exporting your 3D model to Navis works. From here you can give materials, colors etc. Render, make movie or walk any where to your 3D model. See my intro for more details.

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