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How do i create a .dwfx for Navisworks Freedom? (from Inventor .iam)

By Jeppe Bruun Rasmussen on 04 Dec 00:19 2 answers 0 comments

What can I do, to create a .dwfx, from a large Inventor assembly (.iam) -to be viewed in Navisworks Freedom?
I have Navisworks Simulate,
Should I just open my .iam directly in Navisworks Simulate, and save it as dwfx, or should I export my .iam to a .step and then import the .step? I think sometimes my STEP files become very large (like 200 MB) (though the .iam is only like 20 MB)
Do I need Navisworks Manage? .nwd file first?

Any tips? Maybe you know of any links to articles/forums/tutorials? If you have any experience with creating .dwfx files for Navisworks Freedom, please share that precious knowledege : )

2 answers

  • john
    john over 2 years ago

    if you need the file only for Navisworks, then is the * .nwd exactly right. It's meant to replace it all geometries, textures and lights into the file, but geometries can not be pick out (data security). Then you don't need .dwfx.

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