How do I create a stamped text on autocad?

Hi I want to know how can i create a stamped text using Autocad. Normaly I use mechanical desktop (surface > create wireframe > intersect wire) and then I process cadcam in Autocad, but is tedious do it beacuse drawing loses it's properties like 3d model.

Ayuda con creación de estampado en superficies

Estoy usando una versión antigua de autocad (R14) para maquinado CNC, quisiera saber si hay algún comando en autocad 2014 o suprior para el estampado de texto, ya que para hacer esto en una superficie no plana se tiene que importar el 3D a mechanical desktop, hacer la operación estampar y volverlo a abrir en autocad, pero pierde sus propiedades ya que quedan puras lineas (se explota el 3D) y ya no se puede modificar.

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Hello Anahí Esquivias.
I almost forgot about this. Sorry about the late reply.
I think this should help.

•Enter MTEXT command.
•Type desired text.
•Under EXPRESS TOOLS toolbar select MODIFY TEXT.
•A dropdown option will appear, click EXPLODE and select the text.
•And you will have the outline of the text that you have entered as result.
•I use EXTRUDE and made a 3d of it just to add something.

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Answered with a tutorial:

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That process generates a bunch of disconnected regions. I like to union them together before extruding to make sure there are no gaps, which does happen on occasion. If all looks good, then extrude to the depth that you want the lettering to appear, or deeper.
Once extruded, you can union to your object for raised lettering or subtract it for engraved effect. If you want the raised lettering to be a different color change the color of the lettering prior to union. Otherwise, it will assume the color of the first object selected for the union command.

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