how do i design a rib whose base in is in an angled plane

i do not know how to design this kind of rib i show in the picture. The correct way is show in the cad_prosparadosi which is the excercise.

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1. You don't have to use the rib tool to make a rib.
2. Is that rib on an angled plane? It looks like it is 90° to the other, larger rib (at 3 o' clock)
3. Are more drawing views given? It looks like there are at least two section views defined (A&B).

I don't have time tonight to rebuild the model from the drawing to see what would work best. But, I think just drawing the "rib" on the right reference plane (assuming the main/largest bore of the part is centered on the origin).
The trick to making this work, is making the rib(s) BEFORE any material is removed from the model. DON'T make the "pipe" hollow. Make it solid, then add the ribs, then remove the material to make a pipe. Then "drill" the holes. Then add fillets/chamfers and other little things at the end.

A feature tree for simple parts like this should look like:
Boss Extrude 1
Boss Extrude 2
Boss Extrude 3
Boss revolve 1
Cut Extrude 1
Cut Extrude 2
Fillet 1
Fillet 2
Chamfer 1

Add material, and make that material overlap if needed (like in the case of this rib on a round face). Then remove material. Then little cosmetic things like fillets.

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Thanks for the answer! I tried different tools apart from the rib tool after talking with some classmates. I ended up using the boundary boss toll between two scetches. The only problem i have is that cannot fillet it as in the (fille) file. Not a big problem, but if you have any idea i would be grateful.

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I've never used the Rib feature myself...
I'd suggest making a Boss-Extrusion, setting the direction to "Mid plane" where I'll sketch that rib's side view on a new plane, then extrude it.

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That rib/gusset on the side of the part was trickier than I thought it would be.

It is a terrible feature. The goal of a model like this should be ease of production, not trying to recreate an oddly sloped gusset.

Below are images showing how I made the model. There are other ways to make this model. I'm hoping someone posts a good/better method to make the side rib/gusset.

I think all of the features are pretty easy to follow from the screenshots. The only tricky ones might be the Split Lines/Curves, and the Delete Face feature. Split Lines split a model face into multiple faces. Delete Face has an option to Fill the deleted faces, and try to re-solidify the model. That was done here.

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