How do I draw the rib feature on a cylindrical surface?

How do I draw the rib feature on a cylindrical surface as shown below?

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The problem is at the top of the rib sketch where it is connected to the top edge of the boss. You'll need to pull it down a little bit from the top edge or pull it back from the edge and connect it with a little horizontal portion, as shown in the attached picture.

If you need it to be right on the edge as shown in your examples, then the "rib" feature won't work, you'll have to brute-force it with a different type of feature, extrude or loft perhaps.

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You can simply sketching the rib by taking offset plane from the surface as per your required distance and further extruded upto next. If you need a twisted rib then you can use flex tool.

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Keep in mind that whichever method you choose... you need to drive the 25 mm dimension from the point of tangency with the cylinder, offset 5 mm from its center.

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45 x 25 x 61Deg Sketch on center plane of part (B plane), extrude midplane 5, un check merge

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