How do I edit the definition of parts from a downloaded assembly?

I downloaded a .step file from the site and it opened perfect in Creo 2.0. I then saved it as a .asm file as well as the assemblies associated parts to .prt files. When I opened up an individual .prt file, it would not allow me to edit the definition or show annotations. I'm new to this software/site. Can someone please help me out? I have attached a few relevant files for you to see what I am experiencing.

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An imported (.stp)-file of an assembly, that is saved as (.asm), shows you all sub-assemblies respective parts/components as "Imported features" in the model tree, by clicking the "+" - sign. You can open each sub-assembly and or part/component seperately.
But you can't see any "construction element" in the model tree, because each part/component is an imported merged solid. Parametrically changes are therefore not possible. You only can add new "construction elements" like
bores, cuts, cut outs, chamfers, roundings and so on. Color changes of surfaces are sometimes possible too. Renaming of the main assembly, sub-assemblies, parts/components is possible, only in session, if the main assembly is already opened.
Conclusion: The STEP-format is a data exchange format for not parametrically modifications/changes of parts/components.
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But still I will se it and then tell u for sure

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The file will b parasolid where history of the part is not seen
And then exported to step .
This is done to secure our design parameters so that no one can copy
The tree will show u only body
I will still see and then tell u surely but try this

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