How do I extrude cut this 3D pattern

I sketched a pattern on a plane, projected it on curved surface, and converted it to 3D Sketch to extrude cut. I do an extrude cut in verticle direction. However, it is unable to produce the pattern due to geometric limitations.
Rebuild error: Unable to create this extrude feature due to geometric conditions.
Can anyone suggest what is going wrong?
I want to extrude cut to be perpendicular to the curved surface.

Accepted answer

Why project it on the surface in the first place?
If you left the original sketch as it is on a plane and made an extruded cut with it, all will be well.

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Hi! You can get the extrude cut "perpendicular" to the curved face of your volume, but not with a single operation. You have at least 2 options. The easiest, first you have to separate the sketch in at least one sketch of one of the circles in a perpendicular new plane, and then make an "extrude cut" operation, y then you got to make a "circular patterm" operation, then a "mirror" operation and finally a "linear patterm" operation. I hope to be helpfull