How do I get a free Solid Works Software so that I can practice on my PC.

I do not want a trial version like the one which expires in 30 days or so.

5 Answers

You would have to do something illegal. Which for that very reason, we cannot tell you how to do it.

Sometimes if your company has a license they may have a copy available for use on your home computer. Or if you are taking a class at a university, there may be a free educational version you can get from the book publisher.

You can ask your university for the key when it expires. I always ask my techincal department team to give me the setup for newer version with a key. Hope that helps.

Thanks all for the reply. I am using the student version provided by my University. But it expires in a month. Hope I find some other solution by then

if you really like to use student version of solidworks it available on internet
search for that ,
if any problem contact me