How do I get a version of CATIA?

I am a student at school, I know how to use Solidworks but I would love to learn Catia as I know lots of ca manufacturers use it. How would I get a copy without paying the ridiculous thousands of pounds?

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I do not think Ds is offering any version of Catia for students on the contrary of Solidworks.
If you want to learn how to use it,
- You can try to call them and directly and honnestly ask them for a demo version.
- Then, on the internet you have a lot of tutorials about this software and the most commonly used modules.
- If you are unsuccessful with the official way, you will still have the common backdoor way to obtain a copy but I wont talk more about that.

Here in France I know a lot of company which are still using V5 R20 or older instead of the last V5 R21 nor V6.
Also, be careful on the version you will use to learn as there to be a lot of differences in the use between a V5 and a V6 from what I heard (I never had the opportunity to try the V6 by myself).


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