How do I get assemblies &/or part surface area properties to display in the idw parts list?

Hi, Please help. I urgently need to display part & assembly surface area properties for structure models in the drawing parts list. All other properties, is available to add as parts list column from the i-properties or from other model/file property menu's, but I can't find the surface area property to include on my detail idw's. When I attach a manual text note and import the area property it is available. See pdf... Thanks

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It can be done as Kevin suggests using iLogic.

1] Create a new iLogic rule and add the following line SurfaceArea = iProperties.Area

OK and save the rule

2] Create a new parameter called SurfaceArea and set the units to mm^2
Tick the column marked 'Export Parameter' then select DONE

3] In the drawing, update the BOM table, select the column chooser and select the new property button. Define the new property using the same name as the parameter (SurfaceArea).

Select OK and the new column should appear with the value shown. To control the number of decimal points use the ROUND command in the iLogic rule

surfaceArea = Round (iProperties.Area,0)

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Seems really weird that the other values are there, but not the Area. Have you tried using a bit of iLogic to populate a custom iProperty?

I'll have a look when I get back to my workstation.

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