How do i get high-resolution/rendered images of FEA results

I have FEA results that need to be rendered out, or exported in a high enough resolution for use in large format printed displays for promotional purposes. Any thoughts?

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I'm not sure how to display FEA results on a rendered item, but you can do a "Save as" and click JPEG then select options for a higher resolution screen capture

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A resolution is calculated with a base of sub pixels and its machine coding for each sub pixel to be correct down to every bit of that, at a rendering process the setting would be based on that equation, so to be able having the timing correct in pre calculation and its pricing if use a render farm for example, at the printout the calculation of quality should then be easily calculated by well known formulas eg what size the print will arrive and at when study the file size after the rendering process, eg the wireframe model has its own size, each material applied has each its own size, by that the total math should add upp. If not. research of what reason the graphical kernel and everything prior hd or dvd boot up has to be checked out, including circuitry, and its orginal version, if any fault , if it does not make its calculation correct and display, research has to be done in a organized fashion, otherwise only total volume taxation of digital world could be done adding in & out as a volume, to have a source to go on. Albeit initially many things in this area is questionable as well the answers.

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