How do I get pink geometry features on sketch lines?


I started using SolidEdge today for a work project (inserting dimensions on drawings in FreeCAD was cumbersome, and AutoCAD was really different from Solidworks, and I have some time constraints, so I backed off from it). Right now, I've been watching tutorials online to learn how to use this (since it seems to make drawings really well).

However, one thing I've noticed is that, in the tutorials, there is some lovely pink constraint geometry on the lines people draw:

Notice how his rectangle has those lovely pink indicators showing the corner points and the midpoints.

When I make a rectangle, it's just blue. No indicators, which makes it difficult to constrain things later on.

I'd like to have this feature turned on, but I don't know what it's called, and Google is failing me. Anyone have any idea?

Also, side question. I've been having difficulties connecting lines. Example: If I try making a rectangle, and then grab a line, it will move the line only and leave the rectangle alone. Even using the "Connect" constraint seems to fail on the two points. Anyone know how to solve this?


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Probably you have solved it already since them, I just started to answer questions here.

Anyway I suppose you have the 2D relations turned off, so they are not visible because they are not present. While in the sketch environment tick the button "Mantain relations" and "Show relations", in some Solid Edge version are also called "Constrain relations" and "Show constrain".

Hope this help.


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