How do I get Solid Works, and does it work on a Macintosh.

I use Solid Works 2011 at school, but I would like to get it at home. Does it work on a Mac, and how much should I expect to have to pay for it.

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Yes SolidWorks will work on a Mac. If your Mac has an Intel chip and can run Windows, you can run SolidWorks on it.

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If you are still in school I would look into getting a "Student Edition" copy of SolidWorks which retails for about $99. Most schools generally give away student licences for free though so check with the engineering department to see if this is the case at yours.
"Student Edition" is a copy of SolidWorks to be used for educational purposes only. If your intent is to just learn the program and design in your free time for fun or whatever have you this should suffice. However if you are looking into using SolidWorks for any sort of business or revenue generation then you must purchase a commercial licence which begins at about $4000 for one single standard licence.

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You can get a quote from for a student verson. Duh!

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