How do I give credit or acknowledgement for someone's work which I download and use in a presentation?

I am a 3rd year mechanical engineering student. I am Co-oping for a company this summer and am putting together a CAD presentation involving a product of our own design. I have incorporated some parts which I have downloaded (a gas compressor assembly) and do not want to plagerize. Can I do this? Can I just include the designer's name at the end of my presentation animation?
The presentation is to be used to showcase my company's product to our customers.
Any suggestions would be appreciated. I have no intention of passing another's hard work off as my own.

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3 Answers

If in a PowerPoint you could put the web address of the model page across the bottom. And state the name of the engineer as a GrabCAD engineer.

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Why not ask the owner of the model for permission first.
It is his or her property

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