how do i go about make 3 cad drawing of a wasb grub i have no idear about cad

i am working on a projecked & would like a 3d cad drawing of a wasp grub it for a master i want makeing .So i can have mold made up & working modle .in the way of laser printing . i need help no idear wot iam doing

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I'm afraid you picked out a very difficult model for your level of knowledge.
To make a parametric model of a grub it's a challenge also for some experienced CAD user.
1'st Possibility: search a little bit in internet about free cad models of grubs in STL format and use them.
2'nd Possibility: you have to learn how to master your cad tool.

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dear Arestide
your right its a mined feild out with the cad tryed down loading free cad with no look .so would you been intrested in doing some work for me like i say i would pay you .how much do you think it would cost for the work i require ,regards david

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thanks 4 the pics u sent me but i need solid 3d cad i can,t use thse one to pirnt the parts i need iam just going round round can,t fined wot i want can u help please regards david

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