How do I maintain degrees of freedom of sub-assemblies in higher assemblies?

I'm struggling to maintain the set degrees of freedom of a sub-assembly that is used in another assembly. For instance, I created a hinge for a piston operated lid. There are many hinges and I don't want the hinge's moving and stationary parts to be part of the lid and body sub-assemblies.

The hinge is unconstrained about rotation at the shaft. When I drag the hinge into the higher assembly and mate the two hinge flaps onto the lid and body respectively the position of the lid is then ruled by the last position the hinge was in and not by the position of the lid by the gas lift.

How do I set the degree of freedom hierarchy to "remeber" prevoius or sub-assembly degrees of freedom?

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I'm not sure about NX but in solidworks when inserting a sub assembly into an assembly there is an option you can check to allow the mates of the subassembly to still allow movement, I think it is a check box that says float. When making you assembly, see if there are options for the hinge subassembly and play around with them.

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