how do i make a challenge

So where I live this has never been seen before

planetary gear set

it is the opposite of all planetary gears that have ever been made where I live in all of north America

no one has ever seen this before in any device in all of history in north America

that means Canada or America ( I don't know mexico)

How can I make it a challenge to modify it for my needs

I have a one of a kind, save the world project that will better all of humanity

forever ( and even spread the message of God if anyone cares about that)

how can I get people to work on making the file what I need to save all of humanity

( just a question not that humanity matters , still if I can I would like to save a few people)

thank you for letting me ask

please find someone who will let me tell them what I am doing so the file can be modified

to save the planet

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1 Answer

I'm pretty sure planetary gear systems are known, and documented worldwide. You just found a planetary gear system in the GrabCAD library. It was designed by Carlo, in the Philippines.

You can contact the GrabCAD staff about setting up a challenge. is a good starting point.

They will want to define the scope of the project, determine rules, guidelines, judging criteria, and of course the prizes for for the winner(s).

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