How do I make a cutout on a curved surface in SolidEdge V18?

I'm making a model of a plummer block using SolidEdge V18 (model attached). When I try to create a circular cutout of 6mm depth on the curved surface, the surface cannot be selected like other plane surfaces. So I tried going to 'Sketch' & drew a circle on the curved surface. Then I selected the circle after clickind on the 'Normal cutout' option. The software gives an error that the selected curve does not lie on the model surface.

What should I do? Thanks in advance.

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1 Answer

cheak this Model File I dont have V18 i have ST4 so I have done it on ST4 u might be not able open it in V18 so i have also Uploaded a Step file of model
and yes if this hole area any thing is not as per your Question then Reply me with one 2d rough sketch showing properly location n dia meter
so that i can send to you a correct model as per your Requirment
Have a nice Day

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