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How do I make a surface from a point to a line in NX9

By Niek on 11 Nov 13:51 4 answers 0 comments

I am trying to model a surface in NX that runs from a point to a line. This surface has to follow a curved path. The result would be a bend triangle.

I cannot figure out how this is done. In Inventor this is very simple, but I am bound to NX since the model I am trying to make is to complex for Inventor (rudder for boat).
Hopefully someone here can help me. Thanks.

Best regards, Niek

4 answers

  • Fahad Rafi
    Fahad Rafi almost 3 years ago

    Tried surface loft or something similar?

  • Niek
    Niek almost 3 years ago

    I tried swept, studio surface, through curves, trough curves mesh. Non of them I can make work.

  • Cezary Zrodowski
    Cezary Zrodowski almost 3 years ago

    Through Curve Mesh, last/first section can be a point

  • Cristo Francis
    Cristo Francis over 2 years ago

    Try using studio spline, then drag points to get the shape.

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